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What is 3D Printing ?

3D printing is referred as additive manufacturing or desktop fabrication. It is a prototyping process in which 3D design is converted into 3D object. The digital 3D design saved in STL format is sent to a 3D printer. It prints the design layer by layer to form a real object.

What are 3D printing technologies ?

3D printing technology has been in use from more than a decad; however, with emergence of digital technology and equipment, it became easy and economical. The most widely used 3D printing technologies are – SLS - Selective Laser Sintering FDM - Fused Depostion Modeling or Filament Layered modelling SLA - Stereolithograhpy MJM: Multi jet Manufacturing SLS and FDM technologies use melting or softening materials to produce layers of object. The selection of technology and printers mainly depend on certain factors like printing speed, printing cost, printer cost, choice and cost of materials and colors in printing.

What are 3D printing applications? Where it is used ?

Affordable 3D printing technology has made it possible to use it in making toys to aerospace components. Medical industry also uses 3D printing to produce model body parts to ease surgeries and operations. 3D printing is used in a wide variety of niche including making jewelry, art, architecture, fashion design, interior design etc.

How 3D printer works ?

3D printers are different from other PC printers. There are different 3D printing technologies and different 3D printing materials used for 3D printing. However; the basic principle of all 3D printers is similar. A digital 3D design is sent to 3D printer. This design file is scanned and slices into thousands of horizontal layers. 3D printer prints the design layer by layer to form a real object. Thousands of thin layers are joined together in this process.

What are the materials used to print 3D objects ?

In 3D printing, different materials can be used such as PLA, Polyamide(nylon), ABS plastic, glass filled polyamide, photopolymers, wax, silver, titanium, steel, polycarbonate, stereolithography materials i.e. epoxy resins etc.

What is the 3D printing Process involving ABS material ?

3D printing process with ABS also well-known as Fused Deposition Modeling is layered manufacturing process. This process offers functional prototypes with ABS, and other materials like PLA.
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What are max and min size of 3D printing ?

Currently we are offering a built platform of 6.75 x 8 x 9 inches for PhotoPolymer multi colour material and 6 x 6 x 9.8 inches for multi-coloured ABS materials

How accurate can you print 3D model ?

3DigiPrints implements high end software solutions and equipment which assure greater accuracy and fine quality 3D printing outputs for you. Tolerence limit is +/- 0.01 mm. You can consult us for the details.

What is the normal process/dispatch time for 3D model ?

Generally, the 3D printing time depends on the size, the technology used for printing and post processing time required for it. The time span also depends on the workload at our end. However, you can avail a model in 3-4 working days after placing the order. In case of urgency, please communicate us and we can prioritize your order and your model can be shipped in 24 hours.

How do I order 3D model ?

Our Instant Quotes page provides instant estimations. You can upload your design file (.STL) file, choose material to get instant quotes and you can place order online.

I do not want to use website for online quotes, what do I do ?

Our website takes care of all safety measures. No matter, if you do not want to use website for online quotes. You can send email at and attach your design files. In case of file size above 10Mb, you can use wetransfer or YouSendit, a free of charge file upload service. YouSendit allows uploading files up to 100Mb. Even you can call us on +91 9900003300 to discuss about your project.

How can I pay ? How much VAT is applicable ?

You may pay us in advance through NEFT/RTGS before shipment of the model or before shipment of the model on submission of completion certificate of the model. We also will have the facility to pay through credit/debit card shortly through secure payment gateways. We will also shortly launch our Corporate Plan for companies who wish to make regular production jobs with us to avail both time and price advantages. The VAT applicable on all services is 5% (subject to change according to Government Of India regulations).

What about my design confidentiality and safety ?

Yes, 3DigiPrints understands your concerns about design confidentiality and safety. We know the worth of your design, efforts and time you spent on it. We do not publish photos, renders of your design or make it available for others without your permission. The uploaded models/ designs cannot be downloaded by others. Your designs are safe with us.

How the disputes are resolved ?

Every accepted order is subjected to compliance of terms and conditions. The contract or mutual agreement is proposed to avoid all future disputes. The mutual understanding and trust are essential for smooth business activities.

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