You are in the era of technology which has changed the world amazingly. Now, it is possible to change the 2-D design into a 3-D object with advanced technology equipment and software solutions. Accuracy and authenticity are the key points in 3D printing processes. 3DigiPrints implements high end software solutions and equipment which assure greater accuracy and fine quality 3D printing outputs for you. Tolerence limit is +/- 0.01 mm. 3Digiprints takes care of all concerns right from confidentiality of information and design to delivering high quality output to your hands. You can relax handing your design for 3D printing to us. Get to know how we take care of it.

Engineering Specifications

It is very essential to study engineering specifications in the 3D printing process. 3Digiprints follows simple steps to achieve perfection in engineering specifications as

  • Analysis and study
  • Preliminary developments
  • Evaluation and prototyping
  • Final design development

The accuracy in design is reflected in its 3D model. The hi-tech 3D modeling tools help to follow all engineering specifications very well.

Authentic Appearance

The appearance or scale of object has immense importance in 3D printing. The careful analysis, design and rendering with 3D software applications like CAD and similar software tools ensure the authentic appearance of objects. Selection of 3D printing materials also contributes to the appearance of the model.

Technicians and experts at 3DigiPrints ensure the authentic appearance of the models as you expect.

The process of mapping from drawing to model

The process of mapping the drawing to model is the actual 3D printing process which is totally handled by the machine. There are several processes associated with 3D printing. However, the basic principle in all the processes is easy to understand. The digital image of the drawing is converted into thin cross sections and material layers are deposited on its edge. This is how the 3D object is built and the drawing is mapped to a 3D model. 3DigiPrints is experienced player in the field of 3D printing with up-to-date technology solutions.

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