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Use of 3D Printing In Medical Applications

Medical industry is making developments every day. 3D printing is the advancement in the growing field. Additive manufacturing can make anything from surgical guides and medical device prototypes. Some of the most impressive applications of 3D printingare:-

  • Prosthetics – The maximum progress of the 3D printing is seen in the making of custom made prosthetic limbs. This method is way different from the traditional way of making prosthetic limbs. Traditionally made prosthetic limbs do not fit properly and the 3D printing makes them perfectly fitted in any shape.
  • Exoskeletons - 3D printing has shown that they well suit to design the custom made prosthetic hands which are capable of holding objects. It has been seen that a young child who was diagnosed with Arthrogryposis and was unable to move her hands from her birth. Custom made exoskeletons helped the child to gain control over her hands and she called them her magic arms.
  • Airway Splint – Recently a 3D printer has saved a life of a baby named Kaiba Giofriddo. He has difficulty in breathing and was just 6 weeks old when he turned blue one day after he stopped breathing. The researchers in the University of Michigan saved the baby by making a custom airway splint and replace the baby’s crushed windpipe.
  • Bone Implants – Bone scaffolds or implants are produced for the replacement or reconstructive surgeries which can be replaced in the place of bones.
  • Cardiac models – The extremely accurate cardiac models can be produced for the cardio vascular applications. The traditional way used the silicon parts which had very less accuracy. The Heart print service uses the CT or the MRI to create the most accurate models and realistic models.

Today 3D printing has expanded from dental and anatomical models, hearing aids, custom made prosthetics, improved appliances and implanting devices. 


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