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Printing Technology

The wonders of 3D printing, and the printing technology's potential to revolutionize the world of manufacturing, have thrilled entrepreneurs, tinkerers, government officials and the business community. But a few skeptics aren't jumping on the 3D-printing bandwagon quite so enthusiastically.

What is the right 3D printer technology?

Choosing the right 3D printer among the various alternatives may at first seem like a daunting task. There are significant differences in how each printing technology turns digital data into a solid object. Today’s 3D printers can use a variety of materials with vast differences in mechanical properties, feature definition, surface finish, environmental resistance, visual appearance, accuracy and precision, useful life, thermal properties and more. It is important to first define the primary applications where 3D printing will be used in order to guide the selection of the right technologies that will provide the greatest positive impact for your business. This article will highlight some of the common 3D printing applications and outline some key attributes to consider when selecting a 3D printer.


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