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Printing Services:

To print your 3D objects and ship the finished product(s) anywhere you’d like. Online printing services offer a simple and cheap way to print 3D objects. As with we offer a Get an instant quote printing service that offer 3D printing services, all you need is your 3D model file. Instead of walking into a physical storefront, the entire uploading, ordering, and shipping processes are all completed online.

Here is more on 3D printing technology processes –

  • 3D printing begins with designing an object to be built using CAD (Co pamputer Aided Design)
  • This design is created using a 3D modeling program or in a format which can be scanned by 3D scanner and converted into a 3D model.
  • This format is familiar to the 3D printer and it executes instructions in the 3D model.
  • The software cuts the design into thousands of thin horizontal cross sections.
  • 3D printer builds every thin layer according to specifications forming a complete 3D object.

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