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Evolution of 3D Printers

  • 3D has taken the entire world through force. Never in our wildest dreams we could imagine that you can print anything and everything that evolves in your imagination. All you need to do is click on “PRINT” seriously, that’s what 3d printing has done for us.
  • The invention of this immensely popular and vital technology was made as early as 1980 by none other than the Chuck Hull of 3D systems, a firm that is today manufacturing the largest, most efficient as well as cost effective personal and professional 3D printers.
  • They have been pioneers in the field of printing and their invention today has helped the entire world.
  • Even though 3D printers were invented in 1980 their commercial viability and availability was seen more in 2010. It is also noted to be the highest profit grossing industry of 2013 with its production gone up by 2 folds. These printers when invented and in early 2000 were unaffordable, with their increase in sales the production of these printers has gone up in turn reduction their cost of production and invariable making them more affordable.
  • Today not only professional industries but even personal business houses to schools to domestic use every single one has a 3D printer for their purpose and their budget.
  • Which industry if we go to see isn’t benefiting from this technology earlier on only construction and building industry, engineering and mechanical industries and to some extent architectural firms were seen using this technology but as off now every field had adopted 3d printing services from the aerospace, military, medical and dental ,biotech as well as apparel industry, jewelry and accessory manufacturers and most of all educational institutes have been austerely benefiting from the 3D technology.
  • Sooner than we realize every house will own a 3D personal printer and that will, till a huge extent erode the conservative border defining home and offices.

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