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Advantages of 3D Printing :

Additive Manufacture is not just an interesting way to make components: it is a tool designed to save businesses time and money. It does this by:

  • Streamlining and expediting the product to market development process
  • Improving product quality through better analysis
  • Reducing design and tooling costs
  • Reducing the likelihood of delivering flawed designs
  • Allowing manufacture of completely finished goods, one offs or low quantities
  • Allowing more effective design reviews, feedback and visualisation
  • Allowing more accurate checking of prototypes
  • Helping re-engineer lighter and better designed versions of existing parts
  • Being cost effective for design changes
  • Allowing for creation of complex surfaces and geometry otherwise unmanufacturable
  • Providing a great client communication tool and meeting focal point
  • Allowing for assemblies requiring numerous parts to be built as one unit, reducing part weight as well as costs and time involved with labour, inventory, storage, fasteners, documentation and maintenance
  • Allowing low risk manufacture for market testing
  • Promoting customization and personalized products
  • Improving accuracy
  • Decreasing costly mistakes
  • Promoting collaborative design between departments
  • Highlighting costly design flaws
  • Improves customer designer involvement and satisfaction
  • Giving early, realistic tactile feedback about products
  • Speeding up decision making

Source: Williams3d

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