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3D Systems

  • 3Digiprints is India's 1st On-Demand 3D Printing Eco-system, backed by Industry professional with extensive knowledge. We are the authorized re-seller for 3D Systems.3D Systems, is a global, integrated solutions 3D printing company specializing in 3D printers, print materials, professional and consumer custom-parts services and 3D imaging and customization software. Its products are meant to make manufacturing processes more efficient, without requiring tooling. 3D Systems creates product concept models, precision and functional prototypes, master patterns for tooling, as well as production parts for direct digital manufacturing.
  • 3D Systems uses proprietary processes to fabricate physical objects using input from computer-aided design and manufacturing software, or 3D scanning and sculpting devices.3D Systems' technologies and services are used in the design, development and production stages of many industries, including aerospace, automotive, architecture, health care, dental, entertainment, recreation and consumer goods. 3D Systems offers professional- and production-grade 3D printers, in addition to a line of personal 3D printers and 3D-printed consumer products, supported by the affiliated online forum Cubify. 3D Systems is notable within the 3D printing industry for developing stereolithography and the STL file format.


3D Systems manufactures stereolithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS) color-jet printing (CJP), fused deposition modeling(FDM), multi-jet printing (MJP) and direct metal sintering (DMS). Each technology takes digital input from three-dimensional data to create three-dimensional parts through an additive, layer-by-layer process. The systems vary in their materials, print capacities and applications.

  • Stereolithography, or SLA, was invented by 3D Systems’ founder Chuck Hull. Stereolithography describes the method and apparatus for making solid objects in a vat of liquid photopolylmer using ultraviolet curable material and a laser to trace the digital design. SLA systems print with supports and are advantageous due to the speed and possible size of prints (size depends on the build volume of the particular machine). SLA systems can also rapidly manufacture parts of different geometries at the same time and are designed to produce prototypes, patterns or end-use parts of versatile sizes and applications. SLA parts are strong enough to be machined and can be used as master patterns for injection molding, thermoforming, blow molding and various metal casting processes. (Full article: Stereolithography).
  • Selective laser sintering, or SLS, is an additive manufacturing technique that uses a high power laser to fuse small particles together. Material options are wide, including plastic, metal, ceramic, nylon, polystrene or glass powders. In many cases, SLS is an efficient process because large numbers of parts can be printed in one session. SLS does not require any support structures, as parts are surrounded by unsintered powder at all times.


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