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3D printing had been introduced in the market in the early 1980s. It is fast, accurate and impeccable.  Now days, the technology arises and 3D printers are being used in various industries. The 3D printers can print high quality paper works, images, models and other printouts.  It is mostly used to create 3 dimensional solid objects. The 3D printing is a process of additive manufacturing in which a person can make an actual solid 3D object from its computer model. When we compare 3D printing with another form of printings, it emerges as far superior in terms of speed, quality and accuracy.

Many companies have adopted 3D printing as a vital part of their design process. Here are some prominent advantages of 3D printing with regards to their industrial use.

  •  You can print prototypes in hours, redefine your designs, obtain feedbacks and get the perfect end result.
  • You can impart much more information than a computer image by holding a realistic 3D model in your hand.
  • With the wide variety of applications, you can get solid 3D model quickly and affordably.
  • You can get many prototypes on demand and shorten your design cycle.

 It saves money by cutting down the tooling cost and traditional prototyping, finding out errors in the early stage of designing, reducing facilities from travel to production. When we talk about the advantages of 3D printing in industries and businesses, Mumbai is the place that stands in front of our eyes. More than City, it is an industrial hub that comprises plenty of small as well as large businesses. Many among them need 3D printers and 3D printing services to fulfill their business needs and deliver an effective output. Some of these businesses and industries are architecture, construction, jewelry, medical, research, fashion, etc. Also, there are many people who need 3D models for their personal use. In this scenario, 3Digiprints works as a quality 3D printing service provider by offering highly advanced 3D printers and 3D printing service to its clients and customers.

3Digiprints, Mumbai Office :

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Om Siddhi Vinayak Building

90 FT Road, Thakur Complex

Kandivali East

Mumbai 400101

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