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3D Printing in India

  • 3D printing in India like anywhere else in the world is really picking up for making prototype as well as for making mainstream products in the market.
  • 3D printing toys are being widely used by companies for making prototype for toys, fan blades, shoes, mobile covers prototypes of the parts of an engine parts of automobiles etc.; as well as for making building models. These 3D printers are used for making prototypes for any design based company which is involved in manufacturing of some innovative gadget or appliance like the research team of automobile company, Appliance Company, mobile phone manufacturers, as well as scientist working on new inventions.
  • 3Digiprints in India is authorized reseller of 3D Systems in India. These printers are very popular as these have low operating cost and are also very affordable. This technology is an upcoming technology in India and is being used by the research team in Manufacturing, Architecture, Education, Geographic, Information system, healthcare etc. 3D Printing can help provide identical sets of three dimensional physical model at any stage of production without much hassle. This has greatly helped improving communication, eliminate any errors or miscommunication and there by save a lot of money and time.
  • 3D printers are less expensive and at the same time produce prototypes for models in no time. The ability to make models in no time motivates the designer in design development. These physical 3D models allow the design team to review their design process and also prepare presentation for their designs.
  • The design and manufacturing scene in India has never been the same after three dimensional printing. Another form of printing used for 3D printing is ABS printing and uses ABS plastic for manufacturing. Blends of ABS plastic is being used in India for making television interiors, cellphone covers, and car interiors and this ABS allows you to build durable prototypes which can withstand rigorous testing. These models can be easily drilled, as well as painted.


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