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3D Printing For Jewellery Manufacturers

  • Jewelry can either exhilarate your customers or disappoint them, if you as the jewelry manufacturer do not meet the design and price requirements of the customer. Purchase of Jewelry marks a special occasion. Jewelry that matches the customer’s personality and preference can command better prices increasing profitability for jewelry manufacturers.
  • With precious metals and stones used in jewelry making, wastage has to be kept to a minimum, especially on more complex and elaborate designs.
  • Connoisseurs of jewelry look for new designs and their suitability to individual customer tastes and lifestyle. 3D printing eliminates the need for expensive smith work with rapid prototyping techniques using virtual design techniques on a computer.

3D printing in Jewelry:

  • When we buy expensive clothing like suits or bridal costumes, there is an opportunity for several trials and fit modifications before actually wearing the tailor-made fine apparel for the special occasion. However, such options are not available for most jewelry purchases, which are far more expensive and lasting than our favorite apparel.
  • 3d printing gives you a chance to delight your customers with cheaper prototypes that they can try on. His or her suggestions can be incorporated into the final product that meets the customer’s every aspiration and emotional need. Jewelry that makes every special occasion even more delightful would be in great demand.

Elegance at a cost:

  • It is a well known fact that intricately designed custom jewelry are priced higher by jewelry manufacturers owing to higher wastage during the making process. 3d printing eliminates unnecessary wastage by giving an accurate prototype of the end product giving smiths the opportunity to study the design closely and minimize waste of precious jewelry material.
  • Now intricately designed jewelry can please your customers by lowering costs considerably and raising the demand for custom jewelry for fine jewelry manufacturers.


  • Expert 3d designers can add to existing designs to give your customer a uniqueness which otherwise would not be practical given affordability considerations. 3d design and printing to evaluate new designs and make such jewelry cost effectively thrills your customers by creating designs as unique as your customer’s individuality.
  • 3d printing does not merely offer 3d design software or 3 printers. 3d pens which allow artists to design as if they were drawing normally helps create designs that are intricate and captivating. Quickly increase sales and profitability through investment in3d printers and printing technology.


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