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Manufacturing the Future :

At 3D Systems we bring 3D printing solutions to the world, enabling beginners and experts alike to create and print in 3D. Our extensive lineup of high-quality 3D solutions enhances every application, whether it’s in outer space or inner space, for rocket science, or mass manufacturing, in the home production or elementary school classroom. With 3D Systems you can manufacture your future.

Democratizing 3D :

We are dedicated to democratizing access by removing the cost and usability barriers that have traditionally restricted 3D design and printing. Simply put, we offer an array of accessible 3D printers, 3D scanners and 3D software that answers everyone’s needs. Our advanced scanning and engineering software, along with our production-grade 3D printers, are used throughout the world in the most demanding, advanced applications, like aerospace and automotive production, healthcare products and medical treatments, heavy equipment production, product design, and engineering. For manufacturers around the world, 3D Systems’ solutions save time and money, and increase accuracy in injection molding, investment casting, die molding and vacuum forming processes. The ever-growing number of success stories in the industrial sphere is a testament to our technology, which includes direct metal printing—for rapid, accurate, tool-free, fully dense metal parts—and SLA and SLS 3D printing—for on-demand real plastic parts direct from 3D data.

At home, in the classroom and in the workshop, we offer a suite of personal and professional 3D printers, like the Cube and CubePro, and user-friendly 3D design solutions. Tools this easy make it simple for anyone—kids as young as eight, teachers and hobbyists—to start using, learning and enjoying the world of 3D.


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